At this point, you are really exploring for a topic. By next week when your subject and statement of purpose are due, you should be able to have a general sense of where you would like to go, a few reasons you think this might work, and a number of questions that will guide further exploration.

As you think about a topic, you should consider whether your ideas are too broad and too narrow, and you should be sure your proposed subject is something that will keep your interest for the next two months.

Your “Subject and Statement of Purpose” should include a preliminary title. Your “subject” should be explained in a single, clear, specific sentence that explains the essential scope of your study (a first-person sentence would be perfectly acceptable here). Your “statement of purpose” should provide some reasons for your choice, questions you hope to answer, and an honest assessment of why you think it will work and some of the challenges you might face. Realize that the “statement of purpose” demands that you have read a bit about the subject. You won’t have all the answers yet, but you should have read enough to have some pretty good questions! Your “statement of purpose” should be a substantial statement, at least half a page long (double-spaced).