Arab Nationalism is the focus on unifying the Arabs and establishing independence from the Ottoman Empire as one whole. through the rise, peak, and fall of Arab nationalism, the identity changed and was always either too broad or too narrow. the whole point of Arab nationalism was to unify the Arab speaking countries and it failed miserably. From their creation, Arab speaking countries were never afraid to put their own countries interest before anything else. But by pledging their allegiance to arab nationalism, they were dragged into situations that had nothing to do with them. Thus taking away their sense of self existence. Arab nationalism depended on the complete and primary loyalty of their citizens and subjects. To them, when a country legitimizes their existence, arab nationalists felt that they were departing from the cause. States couldn't do what they felt was best for their countries because of this need for arab nationalism to be the main focus. The choice of saddam Hussein as the pan arab hero was a drastic and desperate measure. He had firearms and militiamen at hand but was not an advocate for the pan arab vision. He eventually dismissed the focus of the arab nationalists on unity. Sad dam later on captured kuwait and declared it iraq territory. By attacking another arab state, Hussein completely dismissed the arab nationalist vision. The arab states all joined the international coalition against him. The defeat in 1991 was considered by the arab nationalists as a defeat of the Arabs as a whole. millions of Arabs in Casablanca, Damascus, Riyadh and Cairo considered themselves victorious. There was a new regional order where Israel was considered a state along with turkey and other states who wished to be a part of the Middle East. This new regional order was said to be the end of arab nationalism, but that statement is still a debate.