• "Awake, O Arabs, and arise!" --Ibrahim al-Yazjii, 1868
  • "Write down, I am an Arab!" --Mahmoud Darwish, 1963
  • "Are we Arabs one big lie?" --Nizar Qabbani, 1991

Nationalism: pride in country? patriotism, heritage, history, language, religion, political views, culture, IDENTITY

Arab Nationalism: Arabic, ...


Before: no "Arab" states, all subsumed under the Ottoman Empire; at best, Arab nationalism is an idea, a hope, a dream...
Concepts of Arab Nationalism Prior to WWI [Conor]
1919: End of WWI, Treaty of Versailles, creation of new Arab states [Caroline]
1920: San Remo Conference (Sykes-Picot Agreement, Balfour Declaration) [Amelia]
1945: Arab League [Nina]
1948: UN division of Palestine into Israeli control and Palestinian (Arab) control [Sam]
1954: Gamal Abdul Nasser emerges as Egypt's leader [Mr. Dunne]
1958-1961: United Arab Republic, uniting Egypt and Syria [Noah]
1962: Egyptian intervention in Yemen [Caitlyn]
1964: Creation of the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) [Nick]
1966: Execution of Sayyid Qutb [Tessa]
1967: Six Day War [Marlie]
1973: Egypt v. Israel [Loan Anh]
1975: Civil war in Lebanon [Matt]
1979: Iranian Revolution, emergence of Islamism [Lucy]
1979: Camp David Accords [Andy]
1991: U.S. defeats Iraq, end of Arab nationalism? [James]

What various identities compete with Arab nationalism for influence in the region?