Emir Faysal went to Versailles in 1919 and requested that the Arabs be recognized as "independent sovereign people." Later, in 1920, a general Syrian congress declared Syria an independent state and that Faysal was their king. Iraq was also proclaimed independent and Emir Faysal's brother Abdallah was its king. The Arab nation also cam to light, when the members of the Arab nation made claims against others. The most notable was that of Britain, who had made war time commitments to France and the Zionist movement. The first of these commitments was that of the Sykes-Picon agreement, this secretly recognized that the northern Levant was a French zone. The second was the Balfour Declaration which publicly supported a Jewish national home in Palestine. Britain was also interested in the economic and strategic advantages in the territories controlled by the Sharif Husayn and his sons. All of these issues were sorted out at the San Remo Conference in April of 1920.