Amanda Bradley
World History
Mr. Dunne
April 9th 2014

Arab Nationalism before WWI was developed as a reaction to the extensive rule from the Ottoman Empire over much of the Arab speaking lands. Muslims who spoke Arabic establish this nationalism by maintaining pride in their language and celebrationg the accomplishments of Arab Conquests. They also took pride in their genealogies, which linked them to Arabia and other Muslims who spoke different languages. All the Muslims in the Ottoman Empire thought of themselves as bound to Islam and made no distinction between Arab and Turk.

Arabism arose from two major sources. The first source was the small communities of Arabic speaking Christians who worked to turn Arabic into a missionary work. The second source of Arabism was the fact that rivals took in the Arabic speaking Muslims. Those passed over by the rivals demanded Istanbul allowed the Arab speaking provinces the ability to self gvoern. This idea spread to the major Arab speaking cities of the Ottoman Empire.

The Arabism of Muslims is not as attached to Islam as the Arabism of Christians. Most Muslims believed that the greatness of Arabs rested in their ability to understand Islam. They believed that only the Arabs could restore Islam to it's originally position. This idea failed to produce a language of business or social appearance. Arabism thus arose from the insecurity of change. While the Pttoman Empire lasted, Arabism did not rise into nationalism.