Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan
Week 1

HW: Select one article from one of two New York Times collections, "Culture and Control" or "Endangered Dragon" (note, there are four or five articles in each of these collections: choose one that you will read). Read and summarize your chosen article (summary should be 1/2 to 1 page long, typed, double-spaced; be sure to provide bibliographic information for your article--author, title, date, source).

Nov. 6: Discuss New York Times articles. What do these articles tell us about life in China today?
HW: Revise and/or complete your article summary (all to be turned in tomorrow). Watch (and take notes on) this introduction to China today:

Nov. 7: Continue discussion of New York Times articles; discuss China: Triumph and Turmoil episode 1 and watch episode 2.
HW: Read (highlight; take notes, have questions) Chapter 1 in our text, "China in the World of Mao's Youth"


Nov. 12: Discuss China's "Century of Humiliation"
HW: Actively read Chapter 2, "From Liberal to Communist, 1912-1921"

Nov. 13: Discuss Marxism, China after 1911 Revolution, and Mao's formative years.
HW: Read Chapter 3, "Toward the Peasant Revolution, 1921-1927" stopping at section heading "Return to Hunan and Discovery of the Peasants."

Nov. 14: China Resource Evaluation Project.
HW: Finish Chapter 3, "Toward the Peasant Revolution, 1921-1927"

Nov. 18: Discuss resource evaluations. Talk about choices and what you learned about the various topics. Discuss Mao and China in the 1920s.
HW: Read Chapter 4, "Establishing Revolutionary Bases" stopping at section heading "The Bloody Origins of the Jiangxi Soviet Base Area." Revise your source evaluations as appropriate.

Nov. 19: Discuss major people, events, and ideas from our reading so far. Try creating class flashcards using Brainscape:
HW: Finish Chapter 4, "Establishing Revolutionary Bases."

Nov. 20: Discuss Mao in Jiangxi. Long March discussion will have to wait until tomorrow!
HW: Check for your name in Brainscape; fill out definition for terms where you find your name. Read Chapter 5, "Yan'an, the War of Resistance against Japan, and the Civil War, 1935-1949," stopping at section heading "Practicing Politics in Yan'an and New Democracy"

Nov. 21: Briefly provide overview of Yan'an. Work through as much of Chapter 5 as possible.
HW: Sorry, but I have to add to our reading for the weekend if we are going to wrap things up the week after Thanksgiving. Fill out your assigned Brainscape cards; finish reading Chapter 5; read Chapter 6, "Stabilizing Society and the Transition to Socialism," up to the heading "Land Reform."

Nov. 25: Review the concept of a "thesis" and respond to one of the questions about early Chinese communism; begin HW assignment if you still have time.
HW: Continue reading Chapter 6 up to section heading "Hu Feng and the Counter-revolutionary Clique"

Nov. 26: Discuss questions about early Chinese communism (see above). Happy Thanksgiving!
HW: I will summarize the rest of Chapter 6 for you when we meet again after Thanksgiving break. Please read the first part of Chapter 7, "Great Leap and Restoration, 1958-1965," up to section heading "Quemoy and Matsu, and Krushchev's Secret Visit to Beijing"


Dec. 2: Overview of 20th-century Chinese history covered so far.
HW: Read in Chapter 7 the following sections: "Great Famine," "Shaoshan, the Lushan Conference, and the Fall of Peng Dehuai," "Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, and Restoration," and "Mao's Exile and His Cult."

Dec. 3: Discuss the Great Leap Forward, the Great Famine, and Mao's isolation in the early 1960s. What was Mao's role in the Revolution in this period? Complete Brainscape entries and begin studying! See China Test Terms Sheet and this concise overview of what we've been studying: Mao Zedong: Liberator or Oppressor of China?
HW: Watch the video below (or linked here). Take time to study for Thursday's test.

Dec 9. Read and discuss "The Quiet Revolution: The Emergence of Capitalism [in China].
HW: Exam Review

Dec. 10. View and discuss photo essay Tiananmen Then and Now; read and discuss "How China Made the Tiananmen Square Massacre Irrelevant"
Find a way to include these next year if possible:

HW: Exam Review
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Dec. 11: Exam review
HW: Exam Review

Dec. 12: Exam review
HW:** Exam Review