China 2015

Week 1Mao-Smile1.jpg

Nov. 2: Discuss the Truth and Reconciliation Commission; wrap up South Africa.
HW: Select one article from one of three New York Times collections, "Culture and Control", "Endangered Dragon" or "Leaving the Land" (note, there are four or five articles in each of these collections: choose one that you will read). Read and summarize your chosen article (summary should be 1/2 to 1 page long, typed, double-spaced; be sure to provide bibliographic information for your article--author, title, date, source). See this sample bibliographic entry for guidance (use NoodleBib to make your life really easy--choose Newspaper article and then Web). This is a 20-point assignment.

Nov. 3: Complete this brief Google Form. Discuss New York Times articles. What do these articles tell us about life in China today? Discuss China unit strategy, especially building a terms list.
HW: Read Chapter 1 from The Tao of Pooh. What does this story reveal about the three main Chinese philosophies? Consult terms list for main topics from this reading.

Nov. 4: Discuss "The Vinegar Tasters."
HW: Consider some of the Analects of Confucius (there are many pages to browse; explore for 20 minutes or so and write down your favorite three). Write your choices on various spaces on the board when you arrive to class on Thursday.

Nov. 5: Discuss Confucius's Analects. What did you choose? Why? What do these various ideas tell us about Confucian values? How do these correlate with fundamental American values?
HW: Read "Ancient Chinese Explorers"

Week 2

Nov. 9: Discuss the significance of Zheng He's voyages, and the decision to end China's trade and exploration missions. Begin reading China: Its History and Culture pp. 148-157.
HW: Finish reading China: Its History and Culture pp. 148-157.

Nov. 10: Discuss the Opium War, the balance of power between China and the West, and the implications of the "mandate of heaven."
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 157-159, and this NYT book review:

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Nov. 12: Discuss the Taiping Rebellion, considering additional implications of the "mandate of heaven."
HW: Read these two brief articles on China's "Century of Humiliation":

Week 3

Nov. 16: Consider the concept of "The Century of Humiliation." What events contributed to the idea? Was it justified? What implications does the idea have for what follows in Chinese history?
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 167-174.

Nov. 17: Discuss Cixi, the 100 Days Reforms, the Boxer Rebellion, and the mysterious death of Guang Xu. Mandate of Heaven?
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 175-180.

Nov. 18: Understand Sun Yat-sen and, especially, his Three Principles of the People. Read excerpts from Sun Yat-sen's "Fundamentals of National Reconstruction."
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 180-187.

Nov. 19: What happens after the demise of Yuan Shikhai? Warlords, Communists, and Nationalists: who are they, what do they want, what are there relative strengths and weaknesses? Be sure we are good with new terms (21 Demands; May Fourth Movement; Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jieshi)). Discuss Marx's dialectic (thesis; antithesis; synthesis / bourgeoisie; proletariat; communist utopia). Assign China Project.
HW: Read about your team's topic in China: Its History and Culture; begin project work. Meet in the library Monday and Tuesday next week.

Week 4

Nov. 23: China Project Day 1: MEET IN THE LIBRARY.

Nov. 24: China Project Day 2: MEET IN THE LIBRARY.

Nov. 25 / Nov. 26: NO SCHOOL

Week 5

Nov. 30: In class, read China: Its History and Culture pp. 187-193. Presentation 1: "Northern Expedition." Discuss.
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 193-200.

Dec. 1: Presentation 2: "The Long March." Discuss The Long March, WWII, and the Chinese Civil War.
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 201-207.

Dec. 2: Presentation 3: "Mao Zedong in Yanan." Discuss the Communist experiment in Yanan and the efforts toward land reform in the early years of the PRC.
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 207-214.

Dec. 3: Presentation 4: "The Great Leap Forward." Discuss the expectations and the realities of the Great Leap Forward, the Hundred Flowers Campaign, and the Anti-Rightist Campaign.
HW: Read China: Its History and Culture pp. 215-226. Begin preparations for next week's test (Tuesday).

Week 6

Dec. 7: Presentation 5: "The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution," and Presentation 6: "The Gang of Four." What did the GPCR mean for China, and how did the Gang of Four trial initiate a reassessment of the era? Mr. Dunne Presentation: "Deng Xiaoping and the Four Modernizations."

Dec. 8: China Test!
HW: Exam prep: South Africa review.

Dec. 9: Exam prep: South Africa review.
HW: Exam prep: South Africa and China

Dec. 10: Jeopardy! Any remaining exam prep questions?
Good luck on your exams!

EXAM: History exam: Wednesday, Dec. 16, 8:15 am, 314 Main