China Book Project

China Slideshow Project
150-point project

Your task over the next three days is to research, plan, and produce a 6- to 9-page book presentation on a significant topic in Chinese history using Book Creator on your iPad. Please plan to meet in the 3rd floor Mac Lab for the next three days. Step one: follow Mr. Dunne’s instructions as you select the topics you’d most like to work on.

Check out topics at:
China Book Project

Each team must provide a NoodleBib list of four sources: one encyclopedia entry (book form or on-line), one website, and two newspaper or magazine articles (30)
Each team must provide a “storyboard” outlining the book (20)
Each team must produce a Bookcreator book on the assigned topic (100)
Book should be 6 to 9 pages in length, including a title slide
Each page should combine text and visuals, with captions for the visuals; audio and
video are optional
Your book should tell the story of the topic clearly, accurately, understandably,
and succinctly
Every presentation should end with a “so what” conclusion page that explains the overall significance of the topic
Send your book to me (__mdunne@thayer.org__) as an attachment

*When you get into Book Creator, check out Book Creator Support for some helpful hints on how to work with images and audio-video elements.