Notes about the Middle East Map Quiz (Tuesday, April 4)

The Middle East Map Quiz will provide you with a set of blank maps of the region. You will be asked to identify countries and bodies of water indicated on those blank maps. For a given country, you will be asked to provide the capital. Required information is listed at the bottom of this page.

Study for 10 minutes every night! “Spaced practice” is better than “massed practice.”

Below are possible study resources...

Middle East Map Quiz List
The capitals are listed on the same line as the appropriate country.

Capitals Countries/Territories

Kabul / Afghanistan
Islamabad / Pakistan
Tehran / Iran
Kuwait City / Kuwait
Doha / Qatar
Abu Dhabi / United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
Riyadh / Saudi Arabia
Amman / Jordan
Jerusalem / Israel
Ramallah / Palestine
Damascus / Syria
Cairo / Egypt
Beirut / Lebanon
Ankara / Turkey
Baghdad / Iraq

Occupied Territories:
Golan Heights (Syrian)
West Bank (Palestinian)
Gaza Strip (Palestinian)

Bodies of Water
Arabian Sea
Aral Sea
Black Sea
Caspian Sea
Euphrates River
Gulf of Aden
Gulf of Oman
Mediterranean Sea
Nile River
Persian Gulf
Red Sea
Suez Canal
Tigris River