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Say Hello To The Emir of Qatar!


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Statement Of Purpose

I, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, will to make Qatar one of the most competitive economies in the world. I will and have already improved education, enhanced infrastructure, and improved healthcare. Qatar shall became an economic haven. I allow foreign investment in our energy enterprises. I have allowed a flat corporate tax rate of 10%, with no other major expenses for corporations except for customs duties. I haven't even implemented a minimum wage (Please invest here...)! Some may loathe me for my lack of transparency, my "partnership" with "radical" Islamic groups, and fanatic sports fans may dislike how I secured Qatar as the location of the 2022 world cup. But aren't those things all for the good of the people? Also, we amended our investment laws to allow more foreign investors (Please invest here...)!
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A Conversation with His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani (Starts at 6:45)

Full Interview: Emirof Qatar (CNN)

Issues and Stances



The war in Syria
At the beginning of the Syrian War, we supported the rebel groups, sending 70 weapon shipments for these groups into Turkey. In conjunction with the CIA, we also did, and still do train about 1,200 rebel soldiers a year within our borders. We now want the conflict to end, and I have met with Russian president Vladimir Putin to discuss doing so. This may seem odd, as we had earlier held opposing stances on the conflict. As I said during this discourse: "We count on friends in Russia to find a solution to the Syrian people's suffering and political settlement that meets the demands of the Syrian people. Qatar has indeed been supporting a political settlement since the first day. In addition we support all organizations and international initiatives aimed at finding a political solution in Syria provided that it shall be satisfactory to all parties."
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
We are one of the main forces behind the Arab Peace Initiative! Since we are investment rich, we've decided to use some of that money ($150 million) to relieve the debt of the Palestinian Authority. Yes, we were one of the earliest trade partners of Israel, but that relationship ended in 2009, when the Israeli government killed 1200 innocent Palestinians. We currently have no official diplomatic relationships with Israel and do not recognize the sovereignty of the state. After the 2014 war on the Gaza Strip, we pledged $1 billion to reconstruct the Gaza Strip. We think that there can be a solution to the conflict, and we are trying to meditate the truce between Israel and Hamas.
Islamic Fundamentalism
We support Hezbollah and Hamas financially, and their head, Khaled Meshaal, is currently based in Doha. But that doesn't make ime an Islamic fundamentalist! We're also home to the largest American Military base in the Middle East! Because of this relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah, we are often criticized by such "trustworthy" sources as The Telegraph for funding "Islamic extremism". We support Wahhabism, a branch of Sunni Islam. We think of Islamic fundamentalism as a derogatory Western idea, as certainly a practicing, God-fearing Muslim is neither a fanatic nor an extremist.
The U.S and Europe
We've had diplomatic relations with the US since 1972, following our independence from the United Kingdom. To us, the US is a valuable ally in investment, foreign relations, and economic development. They're our largest source of imports, and we have trade agreements with the nation, to which we most often supply natural gas, aluminum, fertilizer, and suffer. We maintain an embassy in Washington, DC. As for Europe, we're also close allies. I myself went to school in the UK and have visited the Queen on multiple occasions. Germany is a close trading partner. Although we're not a democracy, our goals in Western relations are for profit, security, and appealing to the west. We pride our western allies above all else!
Economic Development
Despite being a country of only 2 million people, we are one of the largest economic powers in the Middle East. Our main competitor along the Persian Gulf is the United Arab Emirates. We love foreign investment! We have a GDP per capita of $145,000, it's the highest in the world! Most of our population does not consist of citizens, of which we have 280,000, though rather migrant workers. By 2030, we wish to lower our inflation rate (currently 3%), exploit our hydrocarbon industry sustainably, and move from a resource to a service based economy. This will allow us to maintain and improve the standard of living for all in both the short and long term. These non-hydrocarbon related sectors are the fastest growing element of our GDP. We have an incredibly high Human Development Index of 0.910, making us one of the prosperous countries in the world (if you're a citizen...). Non-citizens who do business in our country are subject to a flat tax rate of 10% on their profits. For the oil an gas sectors, however, we have a tax rate of 35%. There is no such thing as a personal income tax in Qatar for those who are paid in wages - We only tax business operations. Again - we love foreign investment!
The Syrian Refugee Crisis
We have financially supported Syrian detractors and their families, providing as much as $50,000 to those who leave the country and have donated to help pay for the costs of food and medical care. However, we do not accept Syrian refugees into our country.
The Iranian Nuclear Deal
We support the US's decision regarding the Iran Nuclear deal, as proven in the 2015 talks with Secretary of State John Kerry.