The main cause of the Lebanese Civil War was a political and social divide between the Christians and Muslims in Lebanon. Although the war was prolonged with teh interference of Israel and Syria. The conflict would last up until October 1991 when the leaders of each party would Madrid, Spain to negotiate. This civil war claimed the lives of many Palestinean, Israeli, Lebanese, and Syrian people before it was brought to an end. The divide between Christians and Muslims occurrred because in Lebanon, the political power was divided up into different religions based on their size. But in the 1970's, thousands of Palestinean Muslims began fleeing into Lebanon from the Paestinean-Israeli conflicts. This caused the Muslim population to swell to 60% of the entire population. This in turn lessened the power of the Christians and started endless amounts of arguments and debates. The war was started soon afterwards as a result of these arguements. The war eventually turned into a battle between the USA supported Israel and the Syrians supported by the USSR. Beirut was almost completely destroyed during the wars and Lebanon was devastated.