1. Does the US 100% oppose Palestine?
2. Why has the Middle East continued to fight while the rest of the world has seemed to mature?
3. What was the Middle East like in tribal times?

Was there always extreme conflict in the middle east?
Why do some middle eastern terrorist groups target Europe and the US?
Where and why did the attitude of hate and close mindedness originate in the middle east?

1. Why do we pay more attention to attacks in the US/Europe than attacks in the Middle East by terrorist groups such as ISIS?
2. What has caused an influx of refugees in Turkey/Europe?
3. Did the Shia and Sunni Muslims come from one common group? If so, why did they separate and how are their beliefs different?

1. Does the U.S have any Middle Eastern allies?
2. What are some of the main causes of the hate for Christianity and Europeans in many Middle East?
3. How is the U.S involved in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict?

1. Did US citizens support the decision to get involved in conflicts in the middle east for the most part?
2. How come oil from ISIS hasn't been boycotted to impact their funds?
3. Why have Afghan troops killed US troops when they are working together?

1. How do problems shadowed by terrorism like pirates and human trafficking effect the middle eastern people?
2. How will the U.S. respond to ISIS?
3. How did the Syrian conflict begin and how has it escalated?

1. How does ISIS manipulate the islamic religion to gain followers who complete the horrific tasks they claim responsibility for?
2. What right did the europeans, who gave the jews the land rights of Jerusalem after WWII, have to take that land away from the Palestinians?
3. Where were the weak points in Syria’s government that helped ISIS take over?

1. What are some different standpoints from parties within Israel or the Palestinian Territories on the conflict?
2. Do any European countries have forces inside Iraq or Syria at the moment?
3. Have negotiations historically been successful throughout the Middle East or has war usually been the answer?

1. Since many countries in the middle east are disorganized and are suffering, why doesn't another large country establish leadership in that country for the resources and extra land?
2. Is it possible for the palesitinans to every become strong enough to over throw the isreali government?
3. Is America still in Iraq to restore order or are they benefitting from the country?

1. Through what process does extremism and terrorism manifest itself in islam, a religion that, like other abrahamic religions, has a focus on peace?
2. What is the history of the headscarf worn by many women of the islamic faith; what does it symbolize now in the eyes of the women who wear them and those who don’t, in the eyes of religious leaders and in the eyes of the general middle eastern public?
3. How were the boarders formed between middle eastern countries; has the seemingly uneven split of land lead to conflicts and are there more frequent fights about boarders and land amongst the smaller countries along the coast?

1 How would a freeze or reduction in oil production from Middle Eastern countries included in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries cartel affect America?
2 How does Isis maintain such big income from the oil industry, and how did they get that power?
3 As a smaller country, how does Israel have a great military?

1. How can ISIS gain so many followers despite all of the terrible things they do?
2. How can targeted countries (and basically the rest of the world) use the Qu’ran to show ISIS and more importantly their followers that what they are doing isn’t in accord with their religion?
3. Do ISIS’s attacks on Europe have something to do with when the Europeans gave Israel to the Jews?